Centuries ago, Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, was imprisoned for trying to make himself a god. Now, he’s been released and he’s out for revenge on the beings responsible for his long exile-the Dragon Kings of the Orient!

Standing in his way is Elisa Hill, the myth hunter. Not only is she armed with ancient weaponry and an incredible set of skills, but Elisa does not fight alone. By her side are Asami, a Japanese changeling; Max Finch, retired myth hunter and Elisa’s mentor; and Jason Shroud, a member of a secret society.

And she’ll need the help, for the stakes have never been higher! Because if the Dragon Kings are destroyed, the oceans of the Orient will fall into chaos! The fate of the entire Asian continent hangs in the balance!

From Pulp Ark Award-nominated author Percival Constantine comes the action-packed sequel to The Myth Hunter!

“In the past, he has offered us other series but none of them can hold a candle to this one. Elisa Hill is a truly original, fun character and I hope we get to read many more of he exploits along with those of her truly remarkable supporting cast.  People, this book is a solid must read!
-Ron Fortier, publisher of 
Airship 27

“In every genre, there are “star” writers – I’m not sure that I’d list Constantine in that category with regards to New Pulp. That’s a shame because he absolutely deserves to be. I’ve seen novel after novel come from him and sadly, little attention paid to them in the fan sites or elsewhere.”
Barry Reese, author of The Rook

192 pages, Pulpwork Press
ISBN-10: 1470163497
ISBN-13: 9781470163495

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Infernum. A shadowy, globe-spanning network of operatives run by the mysterious power broker known only as Dante. They hold allegiance to no one, existing as rogues on the fringes of society.

Carl Flint was once an assassin, until a mistake on the job led to disastrous consequences. Years later, he’s a broken man, living out his days playing music in a dive bar. He’s convinced by Dante to come out of retirement to kill one more person — Agency operative Christian Pierce.

Now on the run from Pierce’s former partner, Flint has to flee what’s left of his former life. But in his quest to find peace, he’ll have to face off with a Colombian drug cartel. Is this the redemption he’s been searching for, or the final nail in his coffin?

From Percival Constantine comes the long-awaited follow-up to the Pulp Ark Award-nominated Love & Bullets!

194 pages, Pulpwork Press
ISBN-10: 1468018981
ISBN-13: 978-1468018981

“Although I did like the first book, it had flaws common to most new writers.  This is Constantine’s second book since that review and it is all too evident that his innate talent is quickly maturing with each new effort.  I have no reservations in saying this is easily the best thing he has ever written.”
-Ron Fortier, publisher of Airship 27

“A tour-de-force that shows this author is one to watch.”
Barry Reese, author of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray

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Ancient civilizations. Gods and monsters. All the legends of the world have elements of truth to them. And to track down those legends, there are the myth hunters. Some of them, like Elisa Hill, are explorers, trying to learn more about the world we live in. And some are soldiers of fortune, whose only goal is to profit off them.

When evidence proving the existence of the lost continent of Lemuria, Elisa embarks on a journey for the truth. And her quest will take her from the oceans of the Caribbean to the temples of India and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. But it’s a race against time, because the mysterious sect known as the Order and a ruthless myth hunter named Seth are also after the secrets of Lemuria.

From Percival Constantine, the Pulp Ark Award-nominated author of Love & Bullets comes an adventure tale combining breakneck action with ancient mythology!

208 pages, Pulpwork Press
ISBN-10: 1461050596
ISBN-13: 978-1461050599

“This book is full of vivid descriptions, fantastically crafted narrative, intriguing and engaging dialogue, but its biggest star is the characterization.  Constantine brings each and every character to life, not just with vivid details, but with emotions and passions.  Even the characters we are meant to like leave us feeling a little divided on just how much we like them, and that’s a sign of humanity granted to a written creation, a skill many writers never ever develop.”
-Tommy Hancock, author of YesterYear

“From the opening action sequence to the last climatic battle with a cruel and vicious assassin, ‘The Myth Hunter’ is a super charged thriller that never lets up…a solid, masterful thriller by a young writer realizing his tremendous potential.”
-Ron Fortier, publisher of Airship 27
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Beautiful. Cunning. Deadly. These are just a few of the words that describe Angela Lockhart, former operative of the mysterious Agency. Now working as an assassin for an international syndicate called Infernum, led by a mysterious power broker known only as Dante, Lockhart has become the ‘Most Wanted’ for every major law enforcement agency in the world. But when Agency operative Christian Pierce begins a dangerous game of deception to try and bring her back into the fold, Angela will find herself torn between her old life and her new one…

216 pages, Pulpwork Press
ISBN-10: 1442155922
ISBN-13: 978-1442155923

“The author’s able to impart both important information and character bits through the words that the characters share and it helps keep the book moving. This is a fast read — I literally finished it in two days without really trying to. The action scenes really sparkle and are definitely one of the author’s strengths.”
-Barry Reese, author of The Rook series
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Brenda McKenzie is a single mother working double-shifts as a waitress and struggling to make ends meet. But Brenda’s life gets turned upside down when her teenage daughter, Alyssa, runs away with Ryan Cunningham, her heroin-dealing boyfriend. With the police providing no assistance, Brenda feels all hope is lost. Until the day a strange man offers his help. His name is Riker Stone and he has a monster lurking inside him–literally. Riker’s quest will lead him to Ryan as well as the people who support him. And in his search for revenge, Riker will leave a trail of bodies. From Percival Constantine, the author of Fallen, comes a bloodspilling, ultraviolent tale of vengeance and horror in a fusion of splatterpunk and noir.

174 pages, CreateSpace
ISBN-10: 1440410275
ISBN-13: 978-1440410277

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After the creation of the Earth and the birth of Man, the Presence seemingly vanished from existence. Once the angels and demons discovered that mortals possessed souls, they became locked in an endless conflict for ownership over mankind. But Gabriel, once the leader of Heaven’s forces, felt humanity should be allowed to live in peace. For his transgression, he was stripped of his wings and expelled from Heaven. Now, centuries later, the wars of man have brought the world to ruin. Man’s once-vaunted technology has regressed. Lance Kells, a drifting writer with no direction in his life, inadvertantly stumbles upon this war and finds himself trapped in the middle of it. As Lance tries to uncover the truth, he will encounter a host of intriguing characters, from a hard-drinking, pink-haired avatar of death to an elderly Native American mystic. During his journey, Lance will discover a method of ending a conflict as old as time, as well as a disturbing secret which links him to Gabriel.

248 pages,
ISBN-10: 1430317868
ISBN-13: 978-1430317869

“Combines elements of science fiction, horror both psychological and gory, Navajo mysticism, Christian dogma, action/adventure, comedy and even the modern day comic book (or graphic novels if you take your inner geek seriously) all wrapped up in a road trip.  This is a book that will never make the mistake of letting you get bored.  You’ll want to keep turning the pages just to see what new and innovative plot twist Percival is going to throw into the mix.”
-Derrick Ferguson, author of Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell
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