Casting Call #3: Christian Pierce

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, but Alias has now been added to Netflix and I’ve started to watch it. I saw about half of the first season, but then ended up missing the rest. Anyway, I’ve started watching it again and I started paying more attention to Bradley Cooper. I had no idea he was in this show, and it reminded me of this Casting Call segment. Particularly one of the protagonists of Love & Bullets — Agency operative Christian Pierce. In the book, Christian is not only an Agency operative pursuing Dante, but he was also once partnered with Angela’s late husband. When he discovers Angela is working with Dante, he tries to turn her into an asset, but in the process ends up falling for his friend’s widow.

One of the reasons I stalled this segment for so long is because I was stuck on who would make a good Christian. It’s not like it’s a very complicated role, but something just didn’t feel right about other actors who came to mind. Now while re-watching Alias,  I’m also reminded of two other films Cooper was in recently — The A-Team and Limitless.

Cooper has a tendency to play laid back guys, but he can also do more serious roles. If you take a bit of his performance from The A-Team and combine it with his performance in Alias, I think you’ve got a very good basis for Christian.

Do you think Cooper would make a good Christian Pierce? Sound off in the comments. And if you want to know more about Love & Bullets, you can pick it up for $9.95 in print or $0.99 in digital (also available at other online retailers).


Four books for the price of three!

Amazon has a new promotion going on right now, where if you purchase select items, you can get four books for the price of three. This only applies to paperback books, not Kindle versions.

Here are the details from Amazon’s site:

To take advantage of this 4-for-3 promotion, follow these steps:

  1. Add at least 4 eligible items to your Shopping Cart. Eligible items will have a message such as “This item is eligible for our 4-for-3 promotion.” on the product detail page. Eligible products include select books and Home & Garden items. You may include items from different product categories in a single order to qualify–for example, you can order an eligible book and an eligible kitchen item.
  2. Proceed to checkout. When you’re done shopping on our site, click the “Proceed to checkout” button in the Shopping Cart. Your shopping cart should include at least four qualifying items during the checkout process to qualify for this promotion. Additional conditions are listed below.
  3. On the final checkout page, we will discount the lowest-priced item. A promotion credit for the amount of the lowest-priced item will appear in the upper right corner of your Order Summary during the checkout process. If you use 1-click ordering, the promotion will be automatically applied.

I went ahead and checked, and all my books are included in this promotion! That means you can pick up both books which comprise The Myth Hunter series and both books which comprise Infernum! So if you go to Amazon right now and buy Love & BulletsOutlaw BluesThe Myth Hunter, and Dragon Kings of the Orient, then the lowest priced book (in this case, Dragon Kings of the Orient) will be yours for free! 

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon and pick up these books!

Casting Call #2: Dante

Going with the second installment of the Casting Call series, who better than Dante, the mysterious power broker who leads the Infernum organization?

Dante first appeared in Love & Bullets, where he served in his primary role as the antagonist. He appeared again in Outlaw Blues, but this time as a supporting character. As the Infernum series is all about his organization, Dante understandably is a powerful force in the series, usually behind the scenes.

This was not an easy character to cast. Dante is one of my favorite characters to write. He’s intelligent, cunning, charming, sarcastic, and very deadly. He also has his own code of honor that he follows. Plus, I wanted to find someone who could fit the description I provided for him in the books. When I was writing the Love & Bullets comic book, I thought of Heath Ledger. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after I wrote the scripts.

So I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of someone else. And one name struck me so suddenly that I was surprised I hadn’t considered him before — Jude Law. He’s got the look, the personality, and anyone who’s seen one of his many movies knows he’s got the talent.

Do you picture anyone in particular when you read about Dante? Is it Jude Law you think of or someone else?

Casting Call #1: Angela Lockhart

Over at his Dillon blog, Derrick Ferguson has been doing a series of casting calls for his popular Dillon series and I thought I’d play along with my books and who I’d like to see play my characters. And what better place to start than with Love & Bullets, the first book in the Infernum series?

I’ve long said that Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of my inspirations for Angela Lockhart. The character herself was originally intended to be played by a good friend of mine and a great actress, Maguerite Ada (who posed for the cover). In the event that a Love & Bullets movie were in the works, you can bet whatever apendage you like that I’d fight tooth and claw to get Maggie that part.

But for funsies, let’s go with establish actors for these casting calls. And although at first I was thinking Gellar, that recently changed. When I first started watching Fringe, I was really struck by the main actress, Anna Torv. I could have sworn I’d seen her in other stuff before. I looked up her filmography and it turns out I hadn’t seen her in anything else.

Now though, after getting into the show, I’ve realized who she reminds me of — Angela. Her portrayal of Olivia Dunham is exactly how I tried to depict Angela in the pages of Love & Bullets. Both of them are very strong, capable women who can hold their own in the field and don’t take crap from anyone. Plus, she is the spitting image of Angela as I picture her in my mind.

What do you think? Do you agree that Anna Torv would make a great Angela Lockhart or do you have someone else in mind?

Outlaw Blues is now on Kindle!

In addition to other digital versions distributed through Smashwords, Kindle users can now get their own copy of Outlaw Blues directly from the Amazon Kindle store! Just like with the editions found through Smashwords and their associates, Outlaw Blues is available for $0.99 on the Kindle!

Also, another reminder to pick up your free copy of Love & Bullets from Smashwords! You’ve only got until the end of January!

Outlaw Blues now available for sale!

Outlaw Blues, the second book in the Infernum series, is now available for sale!

Infernum. A shadowy, globe-spanning network of operatives run by the mysterious power broker known only as Dante. They hold allegiance to no one, existing as rogues on the fringes of society.

Carl Flint was once an assassin, until a mistake on the job led to disastrous consequences. Years later, he’s a broken man, living out his days playing music in a dive bar. He’s convinced by Dante to come out of retirement to kill one more person — Agency operative Christian Pierce.

Now on the run from Pierce’s former partner, Flint has to flee what’s left of his former life. But in his quest to find peace, he’ll have to face off with a Colombian drug cartel. Is this the redemption he’s been searching for, or the final nail in his coffin?

Outlaw Blues is available in print for $8.95 at my Amazon store or at CreateSpace. You can also buy the e-book from Smashwords for only $0.99!

Also, until the end of January, you can pick up Love & Bullets from Smashwords for free!

A free book for the holidays!

We are just a few weeks away from the release of Outlaw Blues, which is the second book in the Infernum series! In this tale, we follow the path of another of Dante’s operatives, an aging gunman named Carl Flint, whose path intersects with Angela Lockhart and Christian Pierce (the protagonists of the first book, Love & Bullets) as well as Christian’s partner, Julie Kim.

If you haven’t read Love & Bullets, then there’s no need to worry. Because from now until the end of January, you will be able to get the ebook of Love & Bullets for free if you download it from Smashwords! While this won’t be reflected on Amazon, Smashwords offers the book in a variety of formats to fit whatever device you prefer to read books on!

Here’s the description of the book:

Beautiful. Cunning. Deadly. These are just a few of the words that describe Angela Lockhart, former operative of the mysterious Agency. Now working as an assassin for an international syndicate called Infernum, led by a mysterious power broker known only as Dante, Lockhart has become the ‘Most Wanted’ for every major law enforcement agency in the world. But when Agency operative Christian Pierce begins a dangerous game of deception to try and bring her back into the fold, Angela will find herself torn between her old life and her new one…

From Pulp Ark Award-nominated author Percival Constantine comes the first action-packed title in the Infernum series!

Don’t miss out on this first chapter in a growing series! Download your free copy right now!

Upcoming book release dates!

Over at Pulpwork Press, we’ve hammered out our release schedule for 2012. And you’ll have the chance to pick up not one but two books written by me in the upcoming year!

The first has been long in development. Outlaw Blues is the second book in the Infernum series, which began with the Pulp Ark Award-nominated Love & Bullets in 2010. I actually finished this manuscript a year ago (adding more credence to Richard Lee Byers’ statement that writers live in the future), but we had our schedule full up for 2011.

Outlaw Blues is not really a sequel, per se. The main character is Carl Flint, a former Infernum assassin who’s brought out of retirement by Dante for one last job. The target? Agency operative Christian Pierce, who was one of the main characters in Love & Bullets (and if you’ve read that book, you might be really intrigued already).

There are some characters from Love & Bullets who appear in Outlaw Blues. Naturally, Dante appears, but his role is significantly smaller in comparison to Love & Bullets. Another returning character, and in a much larger role, is Pierce’s partner, Agency operative Julie Kim. Angela Lockhart, the main character of Love & Bullets, does appear, but only in a very small, cameo appearance. Same goes for Dante’s right-hand woman, Tauna. There are also some characters who debut in this book who will play larger roles in future Infernum installments. Such as Johnny Venom, an arms dealer who gained his nom de guerre by specializing in chemical and biological weapons.

Outlaw Blues is scheduled for a January release, which means it will be the first 2012 release from Pulpwork Press. You can see the preliminary cover design, but it’s not quite complete. The PWP insignia is undergoing some tweaks and I’m going to receive the New Pulp insignia very shortly to add to it as well.

My second release for 2012 is Dragon Kings of the Orient. This is the sequel to my most-recent book, the critically-acclaimed The Myth Hunter. This adventure brings back three of the central characters of that adventure back together. Naturally, Elisa Hill is back, since she’s the focus of this series. Her mentor, Professor Maxwell Finch, is also back again. And so is Asami, the shape-changing fox spirit. Lucas Davalos makes a cameo and we meet a new character, Jason Shroud.

This time around, Elisa and Max, at the request of Asami, travel to Hong Kong. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, has been freed from imprisonment and his targets are the beings who put them there — the four Dragon Kings of China! It’s up to Elisa and her friends to make sure the Dragon Kings escape death. Because if they do go down, environmental chaos will rage in Asia!

Dragon Kings of the Orient is scheduled for release in July.

Following both these two books, I may take a short break from the Infernum and Myth Hunter series. I’m about 10,000 words into a new project and have begun work on what may be the first in a collection of stories featuring a new character set in the mid-40s. It’s still a bit early to talk about either of those, so more on them in the future if they end up panning out.

Love & Bullets promotion!

Love & Bullets has been accepted for admission into the Apple Store! It may take a bit for it to show up as an ISBN had to be assigned, but it will be there soon. We are also nearing closer to the release date of my fourth novel, The Myth Hunter, which I’m really excited about!

So, to celebrate both these things, I am offering a discount on the Love & Bullets ebook! For a limited time, if you purchase Love & Bullets through Smashwords, which can be found here, you will only pay $0.99! That’s a 66% price reduction!

In order to claim your discounted copy of Love & Bullets, just go to this link and when you purchase your copy, enter in YU44U for the coupon code!

But hurry up! This is a limited time offer and it expires on May 16th!

Exciting News!

This has been in the works for a few months, but I haven’t been permitted to talk about it. Until now, that is. Here’s the full press release:


Weinstein Company To Produce Big-Screen Adaptation of Indie Action Novel

A global network of assassins led by a charismatic and shadowy figurehead. An intelligence agency struggling to take them down. A woman driven by vengeance and caught between both organizations. And a man who must choose between his job and the woman he loves. Toss in a lot of high-octane action, and there’s little more that needs to be said about The Weinstein Company’s latest adaptation, Love & Bullets. Produced by Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds), the film is tentatively scheduled for a Christmas 2012 release.

Based on the novel of the same name, Love & Bullets centers on Angela Lockhart. A former government agent, Lockhart defects after the death of her husband so she can find his killer. She ends up working for the enemy, a fraternal order of assassins called Infernum, led by the mysterious power broker named Dante and his sultry second-in-command, Tauna. Christian Pierce is tasked by the Agency to bring Lockhart back into the fold, but in going undercover to bring her in, discovers himself falling in love.

According to author, Percival Constantine, Love & Bullets is just the first book in the Infernum series from Pulpwork Press. Constantine has already finished the second novel, Outlaw Blues, scheduled for a 2012 release. Tarantino first became aware of the story when Constantine sent him a copy of the book. It was Tarantino who brought it to the attention of The Weinstein Company.

Percival Constantine has written three novels to date. His first two, Fallen and Chasing The Dragon, were self-published whereas Love & Bullets was published through Pulpwork Press. Constantine’s fourth novel, The Myth Hunter, is due for release in May 2011, although it is unrelated to the Infernum series. No director has yet been attached to the project, but a shortlist is already in place.

# # #

There you have it! You can read the press release at The Weinstein Company’s official website!