New domain in place

I’ve just added a redirect, so when you visit, you will be redirected to my new site, If you haven’t yet subscribed to my new site, please do so, as that’s where I’ll be posting from now on.

Thanks for your support.


I’ve made the leap and purchased my own domain name and webspace. has been great for getting new followers, but the site’s limitations make it difficult for me to include everything I’d like to include on my site.

Within the next week, I’m going to set up a redirect so will soon point to the new site, For those of you who have already subscribed to this blog, I’d like to ask you to subscribe to the new one instead, as that’s where all my posts will be put up from this point on. The site also has a link to the articles I write for GaijinPot and more opportunities to connect and share the content I post with various social networking sites.

When you get to the new site, you’ll see there’s already a new layout that I think will work very well for what I want to do. I’m real excited about having increased control over my site, and I hope to see you all there soon!