Pulp Ark Award Nominations Now Open

As you can tell from the recent announcement, the nominations for the Pulp Ark Awards of 2013 are now open. Nominations can be sent to Tommy Hancock (proseproductions@earthlink.net), and voting will take place until February 15th, 5 PM Central Standard Time.

I’ve included the categories below and what I can be nominated for to make your life easier, so check these out and make sure to get your votes in! Remember that there can only be ONE nomination per category, so in categories where I’m eligible for two different works, only one will be accepted.

Best Collection/Anthology – Tales of the Rook

Best Short Story – “The Curse of Baron Samedi” (Tales of the Rook)

Best Novella – Outlaw Blues or Dragon Kings of the Orient

Best Cover Art – Outlaw Blues or Dragon Kings of the Orient

Best New Character – Carl Flint (Outlaw Blues) or Sun Wukong (Dragon Kings of the Orient)
Best Author – Percival Constantine
That’s all I’m eligible for this year, so make sure to get those nominations in soon!

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