Ron Fortier Reviews Dragon Kings of the Orient!

Just as he’s reviewed all my other New Pulp offerings, from Love & Bullets to Outlaw Blues, Ron Fortier has now kindly offered his thoughts on the latest installment in the fascinating and bizarre life of myth hunter Elisa Hill.

Here’s just a bit of what Ron had to say:

In this age of the popular urban fantasy genre, we seem to be inundated with more and more series featuring sparkly vampires, sexy witches and zombie private eyes.  Enough for this reader to yell, “Uncle!”  Contantine’s Dragon Kings of the Orient, packs more wall-to-wall action than any of ten of those other wimpy titles combined.  Being an American teacher in Japan, he has a unique, personal perspective on the Far East and its culture and uses it to great advantage in this rousing adventure tale. 
In the past, he has offered us other series but none of them can hold a candle to this one. Elisa Hill is a truly original, fun character and I hope we get to read many more of he exploits along with those of her truly remarkable supporting cast.  People, this book is a solid must read!

As always, Ron, thanks for the kind words! You can check out the rest of this review, as well as Ron’s other reviews, at Pulp Fiction Reviews. Once you’ve done that, why not swing on over to Airship 27, Ron’s own New Pulp publisher?

You can find both print and digital copies of Dragon Kings of the Orient available in any number of online booksellers. Check out the Novels link on the menu bar for more information!

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