Dragon Kings of the Orient now available!

My latest novel, Dragon Kings of the Orient, is now available for sale both in print and digital forms! This book is the sequel to last year’s The Myth Hunter.

I also have an important announcement to make: this book may be my last.

I’ve enjoyed working with PulpWork Press for the past few years, and I’ll continue to help them in whatever way I can. But, at least for the immediate future, that won’t include writing for them, or for anyone.

If you’re looking for a reason why, I don’t really have much of one, I’m afraid. Other than a consistent writer’s block that increasingly plagues me more frequently and for longer periods than in the past. Up until this past year, it used to be I would be blocked for maybe a month, then I’d be extremely productive for three. Now it’s blocked for a month, productive for a matter of days, and back to the block.

I’m not going to say I’m completely done with writing, because I know how quickly and easily the winds can change. But for the immediate future, this (and my story in Pro Se’s upcoming Tales of the Rook anthology) will be my final works.

Enough of that, though. Let’s get on with what you came here to read. Oh and one more final word: if you’re a reviewer, podcaster, interviewer, etc. who would like a free review copy, contact me (contact info found on my About page).

Centuries ago, Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, was imprisoned for trying to make himself a god. Now, he’s been released and he’s out for revenge on the beings responsible for his long exile-the Dragon Kings of the Orient!

Standing in his way is Elisa Hill, the myth hunter. Not only is she armed with ancient weaponry and an incredible set of skills, but Elisa does not fight alone. By her side are Asami, a Japanese changeling; Max Finch, retired myth hunter and Elisa’s mentor; and Jason Shroud, a member of a secret society.

And she’ll need the help, for the stakes have never been higher! Because if the Dragon Kings are destroyed, the oceans of the Orient will fall into chaos! The fate of the entire Asian continent hangs in the balance!

From Pulp Ark Award-nominated author Percival Constantine comes the action-packed sequel to The Myth Hunter!

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