Casting Call #2: Dante

Going with the second installment of the Casting Call series, who better than Dante, the mysterious power broker who leads the Infernum organization?

Dante first appeared in Love & Bullets, where he served in his primary role as the antagonist. He appeared again in Outlaw Blues, but this time as a supporting character. As the Infernum series is all about his organization, Dante understandably is a powerful force in the series, usually behind the scenes.

This was not an easy character to cast. Dante is one of my favorite characters to write. He’s intelligent, cunning, charming, sarcastic, and very deadly. He also has his own code of honor that he follows. Plus, I wanted to find someone who could fit the description I provided for him in the books. When I was writing the Love & Bullets comic book, I thought of Heath Ledger. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after I wrote the scripts.

So I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of someone else. And one name struck me so suddenly that I was surprised I hadn’t considered him before — Jude Law. He’s got the look, the personality, and anyone who’s seen one of his many movies knows he’s got the talent.

Do you picture anyone in particular when you read about Dante? Is it Jude Law you think of or someone else?


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