Casting Call #1: Angela Lockhart

Over at his Dillon blog, Derrick Ferguson has been doing a series of casting calls for his popular Dillon series and I thought I’d play along with my books and who I’d like to see play my characters. And what better place to start than with Love & Bullets, the first book in the Infernum series?

I’ve long said that Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of my inspirations for Angela Lockhart. The character herself was originally intended to be played by a good friend of mine and a great actress, Maguerite Ada (who posed for the cover). In the event that a Love & Bullets movie were in the works, you can bet whatever apendage you like that I’d fight tooth and claw to get Maggie that part.

But for funsies, let’s go with establish actors for these casting calls. And although at first I was thinking Gellar, that recently changed. When I first started watching Fringe, I was really struck by the main actress, Anna Torv. I could have sworn I’d seen her in other stuff before. I looked up her filmography and it turns out I hadn’t seen her in anything else.

Now though, after getting into the show, I’ve realized who she reminds me of — Angela. Her portrayal of Olivia Dunham is exactly how I tried to depict Angela in the pages of Love & Bullets. Both of them are very strong, capable women who can hold their own in the field and don’t take crap from anyone. Plus, she is the spitting image of Angela as I picture her in my mind.

What do you think? Do you agree that Anna Torv would make a great Angela Lockhart or do you have someone else in mind?


4 thoughts on “Casting Call #1: Angela Lockhart

  1. I adore Anna Torv. She’s beautiful but not in that impossibly beautiful way so many actresses are. She’s also capable of handling herself in action scenes and I like how she has such a wonderfully expressive face. And she more than proved her acting chops to me in those episodes where William Bell inhabited Olivia’s body. Her imitation of Leonard Nimoy’s voice and mannerisms were at once spooky and spectacular. Good choice.

    And your Casting Call reminded me that I haven’t done since last November! YIKES!

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