An update

For the past month, Love & Bullets, the first book in the Infernum series, has been available as a free download from Smashwords. And in that month, around 150 people took advantage of it. Thank you for everyone who not only chose to give the book a chance, but also recommended it to others. The promotion period has now come to an end and the book has returned to the low price of $0.99. For print copies, the book retails for $9.95.

Now that you’ve read Love & Bullets, the story doesn’t end there! Rather it continues (and a crucial event in Love & Bullets gets told from a different perspective) in the second book in the Infernum series, Outlaw Blues. Print copies retail for $8.95 while the ebook copy will only set you back $0.99! So go ahead and pick up your copy today!

I also have some other news. As some of you may know, Barry Reese invited me to participate in the upcoming Tales of the Rook anthology (and if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out who Barry Reese or the Rook are, then you’ve got some awesome pulp material to catch up on). I was extremely honored, but given difficulties I was having at the time with writer’s block, had to give him a tentative answer. Fortunately, I was able to push past it and wrote a story featuring Ian Morris, the Rook of the early twenty-first century.

Barry gave me really good feedback on the story and it’s going to be included in the anthology, scheduled for a summer release (around the time of Dragon Kings of the Orient, my next novel). To the left, you can see an awesome piece of artwork featuring the character, drawn by George Sellas. I’m really excited about this and hope the story is well-received.


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