Airship 27 releases ALL-STAR PULP COMICS!

All-Star Pulp Comics Vol. 1

Airship 27 and Redbud Studios have just released All-Star Pulp Comics, a collection of seven stories featuring characters new and old in the classic pulp tradition! Included in this collection is a Domino Lady story written by me and illustrated by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin.

This whole project began a few years ago, actually. I had attempted to get together a number of people to do short stories featuring public domain pulp characters. Unfortunately, only two of the stories were actually completed.

About a year ago, I read an interview with Ron Fortier of Airship 27 where he said that Airship 27 did want to do some more comic stuff with pulp characters. I contacted him right away and sent him those two stories, asking if he could take a look at them and if he’d like to use them. Sure enough, Ron loved the two tales and asked if I had anything else. I did, in fact — a Domino Lady story I wrote but couldn’t find an artist for. He asked me to send it over and he liked the script and graciously assembled an art team for the project. Ron also filled out the book by gathering a number of other stories from noted creators in the pulp field and now it’s finally complete and available for sale!

What follows is the official press release:






Ron Fortier and Rob Davis are thrilled to announce the release of the first Redbud Studio/Airship 27 Productions venture in All Star Pulp Comics # 1.


This massive comic one shot features 58 pages of wall to wall pulp adventure in graphic form.  Seven old and new pulp heroes as written by today’s most exciting new pulp writers and brought to glorious graphic reality by super talented artists.


Here are the Green Lama, Domino Lady, Jim Anthony Super Detective to name only a few. The volume also contains the very first ever comic adventure of Barry Reese’s highly popular hero, the Rook.


The color cover featuring the Green  Lama & the Domino Lady is by Jeff Butler.


This is a comic you don’t want to miss and is available only at Indy Planet.




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