Who is Elisa Hill?

So just who is Elisa Hill, the star of The Myth Hunter?

Elisa is the daughter of Robert and Tanya Hill. Both of them were myth hunters as well. From a young age, Elisa was groomed for her future profession. She was home schooled for most of her life, and the myths and legends we grow up with, knowing they’re just stories? What we didn’t know, what we weren’t raised knowing, is that they’re all based on fact.

Elisa’s parents knew better than ours. And they raised their daughter with that knowledge as well. She was schooled in the legends as well as the methods to pursue the truth behind the legends. From a young age, Elisa was taught not only the legends, but various languages. She’s fluent in a number of languages, and has at least a rudimentary knowledge of many others, as well as a fair bit of combat training.

A child prodigy, when Elisa was sixteen, she was accepted to Burroughs University. She pursued degrees in mythology and archaeology, and in her time away from school, she accompanied her parents on some of their adventures. But after she finished school, Elisa chose to travel the world a bit on her own.

It was during these travels in her early twenties that she became acquainted with Lucas Davalos, who was a rogue myth hunter (more on him later). A rogue in myth hunter circles is one who pursues the legends not for knowledge but profit. Elisa was attracted to Lucas’ rogue nature and she joined him in his missions. Like him, she became a rogue. This didn’t sit so well with her parents and their relationship became strained.

After the Hills’ demise, Elisa regretted the way things went down between them. She tried to push Lucas into joining her in changing their paths, but he refused and betrayed her on a job. With nowhere else to go, Elisa sought out an old family friend, Maxwell Finch. He took an active part in her upbringing but retired shortly before Robert and Tanya died.

Seeing her desire to redeem herself, Max took Elisa under his wing and now aids her in her quests. As the head of the mythological studies department at Burroughs, he also helped her secure a teaching position. Although she mostly works there as a part time professor, the job provides her with supplementary income and access to a wealth of materials.

As mentioned before, Elisa is skilled in various forms of armed and unarmed combat. Although she has some skill with firearms, she prefers not to use them. Instead, Elisa relies on weaponry from various cultures. Her preferred weapon is the kukri, a Nepalese dagger. She carries a pair of them on her at all times, and she’s able to use them both at close range and also as throwing weapons. However, she also has a collection of other weapons that she’ll rely on as the mission calls for.

Despite her knowledge and experience, Elisa is still a bit brash and has some of the rogue nature in her even now. This has brought her into conflict with some of her associates and some of her colleagues think of her as a bit too brash. She toes the line between rogue and legit, sometimes relying on her contacts from her old life.

In The Myth Hunter, Elisa uncovers evidence that opens a path to the one quest her parents never managed to complete, that of the truth behind the supposed lost continent of Lemuria.The question then becomes, where will this knowledge lead her? And elements from her past, including Lucas and the secret society known as the Order, as well as another vicious myth hunter named Seth, are also after Lemuria’s secrets.

Can Elisa beat them to those secrets? For that, you’ll have to check out the book! You can buy your own copy of The Myth Hunter, both in print ($11.99) or electronic ($2.99) formats. You should also be able to find them at your preferred online retailer or by request at your local bookstore.

The first image above was drawn by Marcus Jackson. The second image was drawn by Jonathan Reincke. Both were attached at different points to a possible Myth Hunter comic book which unfortunately never materialized.


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