The fine folks over at All Pulp have taken it upon themselves to help get the word out concerning The Myth Hunter! First up, Tommy Hancock has given four out of five tips of his hat to the book! In his review, he says, “This book is full of vivid descriptions, fantastically crafted narrative, intriguing and engaging dialogue, but its biggest star is the characterization.  Constantine brings each and every character to life, not just with vivid details, but with emotions and passions.  Even the characters we are meant to like leave us feeling a little divided on just how much we like them, and that’s a sign of humanity granted to a written creation, a skill many writers never ever develop.”

Want to read more? Check out the review!

And once you’ve finished reading the review, you get a look at some of my own thoughts when All Pulp puts me in the hot seat for an interview! The questions were really well-crafted, focusing on the way I write heroines, the choices for supporting characters, and my thoughts on the New Pulp movement.

Interested yet? Go check it out here!


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