The wait is over! The Myth Hunter is now available for purchase on! You can also purchase an ebook version over at Smashwords (soon to be available on Amazon as well).

From the back cover:

Ancient civilizations. Gods and monsters. All the legends of the world have elements of truth to them. And to track down those legends, there are the myth hunters. Some of them, like Elisa Hill, are explorers, trying to learn more about the world we live in. And some are soldiers of fortune, whose only goal is to profit off them. When evidence proving the existence of the lost continent of Lemuria, Elisa embarks on a journey for the truth. And her quest will take her from the oceans of the Caribbean to the temples of India and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. But it’s a race against time, because the mysterious sect known as the Order and a ruthless myth hunter named Seth are also after the secrets of Lemuria!

And for an added bonus, if you order a print version of The Myth Hunter before July 1st, you will receive a free ebook of Love & Bullets, my previous novel for free! What’s Love & Bullets? Check out the description below:

Beautiful. Cunning. Deadly. These are just a few of the words that describe Angela Lockhart, former operative of the mysterious Agency. Now working as an assassin for an international syndicate called Infernum, led by a mysterious power broker known only as Dante, Lockhart has become the ‘Most Wanted’ for every major law enforcement agency in the world. But when Agency operative Christian Pierce begins a dangerous game of deception to try and bring her back into the fold, Angela will find herself torn between her old life and her new one…

This book is the first in the Infernum series, with the second book due for a release later this year, so you’ll want to make sure you’re caught up before then!

So you may be asking yourself how do you take advantage of this offer? All you have to do is take a screenshot of the order confirmation you receive, the part that lists The Myth Hunter as a purchase. On a PC you do this by holding Alt + PrintScreen and on a Mac you do it by holding Command + Control + Shift + 3. This will save an image of your computer screen to the clipboard and then you just go into an image editing program (such as Photoshop or even MS Paint will be fine), paste the image, and then black out any personal details (address, order number, credit card information, etc). Then save it and e-mail the image to with TMH PROMO written in the subject field. You’ll receive a response with information on where and how you can obtain your FREE digital copy of Love & Bullets!


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