THE MYTH HUNTER Release Date Announced!

I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for a long time, since I finished writing The Myth Hunter back in November of 2009. But now, I can finally say that The Myth Hunter will be available for a release on June 1st!

The release will be accompanied by some sweet deals. For starters, if you purchase a copy of The Myth Hunter, you’ll receive a free copy of my previous novel, Love & Bullets, in ebook format! Starting in July, we’ll also have a review contest where if you review The Myth Hunter and post up your review on Amazon, you’ll have a chance to earn some more free stuff!

And finally, we’ll of course continue the usual Pulpwork Press blog tour with the aid of some other fine gentlemen within the New Pulp movement! This will include an appearance by me on The Book Cave podcast.

During the week of The Myth Hunter‘s release, you’ll also get some insight into the various characters that populate the novel here on my own blog. In some cases, these will be accompanied by character sketches done by Jonathan Reincke and Marcus Jackson, two artists who were attached to work on it as a comic book at different times (projects which unfortunately never materialized).

So mark your calendars for June 1st, that’s when you’ll be able to pick up your very own copy of The Myth Hunter either in print or ebook format!


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