SOULQUEST – On indefinite hiatus

Some keen-eyed visitors may realize that the “Serial Fiction” section of this site is now gone. I just received an e-mail from Ian Mileham who runs the Revenance Original Fiction site. Ian has been through some difficulties as of late, and so he wasn’t able to devote time to the site. This is why only the first chapter of my SoulQuest serial was posted. The second chapter had been written, but was never posted due to Ian’s difficulties.

Unfortunately now, Ian has said that his online presence will basically be nil. Whether or not Revenance continues with someone else remains to be seen. I hope it will as there’s some really great stuff over there.

As of right now, this means the future of SoulQuest is very much in question. It’s a bit of a shame, really, as this series seems to be plagued with setbacks. It started out as a comic project I came up with specifically tailored to an artist who wanted to work on a project with me. He did two character designs then vanished. Not long after that, I met another artist who contributed a lot to the concept and came up with some really great designs. After about a year of development, he too vanished without a word.

I was hoping Revenance would be a new home for the series but it looks like that’s gone silent as well. At the moment, I’m directing most of my efforts into Dragon Kings of the Orient, which will be the sequel to my upcoming novel, The Myth Hunter. And Tommy and I are about to break ground on The Adventures of Nicholas Saint, which we’ll want to have ready to go in time for the Christmas season.

So SoulQuest? For now, no. Sorry to those who read the first chapter and really enjoyed it. I do plan on coming back to it some day. Love & Bullets and The Myth Hunter started out as concepts that died and were later resurrected. SoulQuest could easily join them in the future.


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