To the left, you’ll see the revised cover for The Myth Hunter. This change came about after a friend pointed out that the font I had used for the previous design, which was Papyrus, was a big mistake.

You’d think being a guy who cut his teeth in the publishing world by doing comic book lettering and logo design, I would have known better than to use one of the five terrible fonts you shouldn’t use in print design.

Anyway, realizing the mistake I made in what was otherwise probably the best cover I’ve designed to date, I went ahead and changed the logo to what you now see on the left. If you remember the old design, or if you search through this site to find it, I think you’ll agree.

Strange thing is this is a font I already have in my library to begin with, so I’m not sure why I didn’t go with it instead of Papyrus. Just one of those brain farts I’ve been known to have on occasion, I suppose.

The book itself is moving closer and closer to production. I’ve gotten some good comments on how to tighten it up and help improve the pacing. Right now, we’re looking at a release date of May or June, so more information to follow with that.

While we’re on the subject of The Myth Hunter, I’ve also begun work on the sequel, Dragon Kings of the Orient. I got the idea for it while I was doing research on the first book, stumbled upon some concepts that I thought were awesome, and decided to save them for the sequel. Glad I did, because the more research I’ve done, the more I’ve found stuff I really wanted to use.

The Myth Hunter focuses on the legend of the lost continent of Lemuria, which is also known as Mu. It’ll take the protagonist, Elisa Hill, from the waters of the Caribbean to the temples of India and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.

Also for some more added goodness, I’ve done several revisions on Outlaw Blues, the follow-up to Love & Bullets. That book is due for a release either at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2012.

And Tommy Hancock of Pro Se Productions and I have recently decided to team up on a project called The Adventures of Nicholas Saint. If you read Tommy’s “Ideas Like Bullets” column over at All Pulp, you’ll already have heard of this concept. If you haven’t, I’ll make it easy for you — imagine a character who’s a cross between Doc Savage and…Santa Claus. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be fun.

And last but certainly not least is Airship 27’s All Star Pulp Comics. This all started out when Ron Fortier of Airship 27 did an interview where he expressed an interest in releasing more comics. Several years earlier, I had attempted to self-publish a pulp anthology featuring separate creative teams doing eight-page stories featuring public domain pulp characters. Unfortunately, only two teams completed their stories and the project fell through. So I contacted Ron and said, “hey, I’ve got these stories here that some guys did and I’d like to see them get their work recognized. You have any interest?”

Well, Ron loved them and used them as the basis for All Star Pulp Comics and gathered a bunch of other talented guys to contribute their own stories. The project is still a way’s off to completion, but since again it was announced on The Book Cave, I feel I can mention it here. So I’m really excited about that project as well.


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