The Myth Hunter is my fourth novel, the second to be published through Pulpwork Press. The release date hasn’t been finalized yet, but it’s looking to be sometime in early 2011.

Like Love & Bullets, The Myth Hunter is also the beginning of a series of books. This one features Elisa Hill. In this world, all mythologies are rooted in truth and every deity, demigod and mythological creature all exist in some form.

There are people in the world who pursue these myths. They call themselves myth hunters. Some of them do it for the pursuit of knowledge and to protect humanity from threats. But some become myth hunters for profit purposes.

Elisa Hill is the daughter of myth hunters and after their death, her father’s closest friend and fellow myth hunter, Maxwell Finch, trained Elisa. However, she went for the profit route at first, only later realizing what she had been doing was wrong and joining Finch.

This particular story centers on the myth of Lemuria, a supposed lost continent in the Pacific Ocean. Even among myth hunters, the story is considered to be fiction, but Elisa’s parents and Finch believed otherwise — and they’ve spent their lives trying to discover the truth. Now, Elisa has a lead on the existence of Lemuria and she embarks on a quest to locate the lost continent. Along the way, she’ll discover some unlikely allies and run afoul of some old friends who have become new enemies. All while trying to stay a step ahead of the mysterious sect known only as the Order.

I’ve gone back and forth on what to do for the cover. At first I considered hiring an artist to draw the cover and I had a few in mind. This story was originally conceived as a comic book which never got off the ground, so there have been some artists attached to it. But ultimately, I chose to use some stock photography to create this image.

I like the way it’s turned out. Feel it reflects both the story and the main character in an interesting way. When I was looking through stock photography, I thought I’d have a collage of not only Elisa, but two other main characters in the book. It ended up looking too busy, so I just went with Elisa.


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